Trane controls are the keystone to making a building work better for life.  They are engineered to be user friendly and help building owners achieve their desired temperature, humidity and ventilation better than any other building system, no matter what the building’s purpose.  Whether you’re looking for a web-based, enterprise-wide, integrated controls system that will provide flexibility and reduce operating expenses, or a widely-compatible field controller for a building renovation, Trane has the controls that can optimize your system’s performance throughout the life of your building.

Enterprise Management

When you have multiple buildings with diverse comfort and energy management needs, Trane Tracer Ensemble system provides a flexible and precise range of different systems to meet a variety of requirements.  Tracer Ensemble is a web-based, systems integration solution that gives facility managers an online, enterprise-wide view of all their buildings and systems, from any PC on the network.  Tracer Ensemble is fully customizable, easy to install and lets users perform daily operations such as online scheduling, alarm management, troubleshooting, status updates and data analysis.

Wireless Comm

Trane technology helps prepare your facilities for the future of building information. Wireless Comm runs BACnet® protocol over ZigBee® Building Automation standards. Trane Wireless Comm is the 1st HVAC manufacturer to be Zigbee Certified. For contractors, it significantly simplifies building controls projects by minimizing the engineering, estimating and project management tasks associated with communication link. For building owners, it provides easier and more cost-effective controls upgrades and building expansion projects.

Building Management

Single buildings can have complex HVAC and energy management needs.  Trane has a range of controls that can help you meet your building’s temperature, humidity, ventilation and energy management needs, no matter how challenging.

Trane Intelligent Services


Trane Intelligent Services positively impacts productivity, sustainability, occupant comfort, safety, risk management, cost avoidance and the ability to do more with less.  The overall outcome is improved energy efficiency, higher productivity and reduced costs.  With TIS, building controls send around-the-clock data to the TIS Center.  Our exclusive software analytics and technical specialists filter imperative information.  They send alert notifications the moment they detect the need in order to prevent downtime, discomfort, and inefficient operations.  Click here to learn more about TIS and how it can help you optimize your building performance.



Trane’s family of sensors has been developed to provide ready solutions to every application.  From executive suites to cafeterias.  From classrooms to retail stores.  Trane has the sensor to provide the perfect level of occupant control.

My Trane Controls

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MyTraneControls.Com is a free online support and training resource for Tracer Summit owners and operators.  Let Trane help you – and your facilities – become peak performers.  You’ll find timely information, valuable training and expert support to help you boost productivity, maximize system efficiency, and optimize occupant comfort.  Click here to register for a free membership.

Variable Frequency Drives


Trane TR200 Series drives are available factory-mounted and commissioned on Trane IntelliPak, Voyager III, and Performance Climate Changers.  These drives are perfect to be installed on-site for new and retrofit applications.  With a complete range available from 1 ½ to 1350 HP, the features and flexibility of TR200 Series drives make them ideal for stand-alone control of cooling towers, exhaust fans, pumps and air handlers.  Click here for more information and to learn more about the benefits of TR200.



Trane has a full line of both programmable and non-programmable thermostats to fit most needs.  They are available for conventional (RTU) and water source heat pumps through North America’s distribution and Parts Centers.  Leveraging the intuitive user interface developed for our digital display sensor line, these new thermostats are easier to program and read.  Universal graphics allow easy understanding and language independence.