Where Will You Find Revenue For Your Next Major Capital Investment?

It’s all around you. It’s in your building’s air conditioning and heating system. It’s in your water heaters. It’s in your faucets and thermostats and lighting fixtures and the weather-stripping around your windows. Wasted energy and operational inefficiencies throughout your organization can be turned into cash. And we’re not speaking figuratively here. You can have funds now in exchange for the money you save on energy and operating costs in the future, just one of the business advantages of Trane’s Performance Contracting.

Here’s how it works.

Leverage Your Future Savings

The value in our Performance Contracting service isn’t simply in predicting what you’ll save by executing those improvements. Essentially, you can fund today’s infrastructure improvements — to your HVAC system, lighting, boilers, roofing and so on — by leveraging your future savings. And, Trane will guarantee your energy savings.

Spend now what you’ll save on energy and maintenance later

Energy is the single largest operating expense in a typical commercial building, costing American businesses more than $24 billion a year. With energy’s rising costs, its increasing toll on our environment and today’s historically low interest rates, there’s never been a better time to restore your company’s aging infrastructure.
So consider the energy and manpower wasted in every inefficient furnace, every leaky window, every outdated control, every high volume toilet and faucet, every overpriced utility rate. Think about how you’d rather spend that money.

And then call Trane.

Contact your local Trane office to see if your projected energy and operational savings could fund infrastructure improvements today.

Performance Contracting for Schools

Students perform best in high performance schools where the physical learning environment is comfortable, quiet, well-ventilated and well-lit. Children demonstrate this fact in classrooms every day. Teachers confirm it. And it is proven by research time and time again.

Effective learning environments are, in part, the result of high performance school design followed by proper maintenance and regular upgrades throughout the life of the building. Best practices in school design and maintenance can produce a number of positive outcomes:

  • Higher test scores
  • Increased average daily attendance
  • Lower operational costs
  • Improved teacher satisfaction and retention

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