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The New Orleans Parts and Supply Center just completed a major renovation, expanding to 2,300 square feet. Stop by to stock up on your Trane OEM products as well as parts and supplies for your commercial and residential HVAC needs.

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High Efficiency Terminal Products

Single Zone Variable Air Volume (VAV) is a high efficiency system in which the motor speed and air volume automatically adjust in response to a space’s needs.

Made possible by the variable speed capabilities of electronically commutated motors (ECM), this technology offers up to 66% energy savings because variable fan speed is the most efficient way to address partial load conditions.

Terminal Products

Trane redesigned our line of fan coils, unit vents and blower coils to offer a robust Single Zone VAV solution for every application.

Advanced Controls

The advanced capabilities of the TracerTM UC400 unit controller integrated with an upgraded Trane terminal unis offer the only factory commissioned, plug and play Single Zone VAV solution on the market.

Contact us today to learn how a high efficiency Single Zone VAV system can benefit your building.


CenTraVac Chillers

Learn more about Trane’s flagship product, the CenTraVac Chiller. Click the chiller below to view a You Tube video.


CenTraVac smaller

Trane Foundation: Light Commercial Rooftops

Trane Precedent and Voyager rooftop units

Trane Foundation light-commercial rooftop units are an HVAC solution that delivers what you really want: simplicity in design, reliable performance, solid value, easy installation and quick shipping, too.

Trane Foundation light-commercial rooftop units offer:

  • Simple design, proven performance — Simply designed and solidly built with durable components that have been tested in the field.
  • Attention to customer needs — The design and features were influenced by input from owners and users of rooftop units.
  • Fast shipping — Actively managed manufacturing and inventory ensures models are always ready to ship—often the same day an order is placed.


Unique dual-footprint design ideally suited for replacement applications

Allows compatibility with multiple roof curbs — without expensive adapters or other modifications

Trane Roof Curb              Other Roof Curb

The Trane Foundation light-commercial rooftop unit: an all-new HVAC solution designed with the help of our customers, so it delivers what you want.


Trane Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems


Higher indoor air quality.

Lower HVAC costs.

Trane® dedicated outdoor air systems condition 100 percent outdoor air — improving indoor air quality,controlling relative humidity and reducing the load on other HVAC equipment in a building.

Why Trane dedicated outdoor air systems?

  • Higher indoor air quality — Trane dedicated outdoor air systems improve indoor air quality by properly conditioning and filtering the outdoor air required to ventilate a building.
  • Lower overall HVAC energy use — Trane dedicated outdoor air systems efficiently condition outdoor air and reduce the load on local HVAC equipment.
  • Smaller local HVAC equipment — When Trane dedicated outdoor air systems deliver outdoor air that’s either at a cooler temperature or at  a lower dew point than room-neutral air, the local cooling equipment — such as fan coils, water-source heat pumps, VRF terminals, etc. — can be smaller.
  • Effective humidity control — Trane dedicated outdoor air systems are optimized for efficient humidity control, which improves occupant comfort.
  • A variety of HVAC solutions — Trane dedicated outdoor air systems can be easily integrated with a wide variety of other HVAC systems — or used in a standalone application, such as a kitchen.

Improved indoor air quality and reduced energy use — plus all the performance and reliability you expect from Trane.

See how Trane dedicated outdoor air systems improve indoor air quality and lower HVAC costs.
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