Impressive Milestone Shows that Safety is Gulf South District’s Middle Name

Safety is engrained into every organization at Trane. But, the Gulf South District achieved an impressive safety milestone recently that proves just how dedicated this organization is to the tenet.


As of June 6, Gulf South has achieved 3 consecutive years without an OSHA recordable incident. For perspective, District Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Leader Gordy Wright did a quick check and found that this is the only company sales office (CSO) to accomplish this milestone in at least 10 years!


With five offices and 147 employees, the district is comprised of equipment sales, energy services/contracting and service. Gulf South’s safety focus changes with the seasons, and right now the main concern is heat stress and other heat-related injuries; sprains and strains; lacerations; and slips, trips and falls.  These are concerns that especially apply to the district’s field techs.


Said Gulf South District General Manager Ed French, “I want to thank all Gulf South employees for this achievement, but give special thanks to all of our field technicians who are managing the majority of the risk with regard to safety in our district. Each and every day you guys make the right decisions to wear your protective equipment, to assess your job sites thoroughly and to make safety a priority. We made the decision to empower our field associates to take ownership of safety, and you guys have truly redefined what ownership means.”


French also was quick to cite the dedication of Wright in the district’s attainment of the milestone. “We appreciate Gordy’s efforts in leading our safety culture in Gulf South,” said French.


As for the district’s future safety plans, French says Gulf South is committed to making sure every associate is well trained in avoiding safety hazards, well equipped with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and well versed in how to take accountability for safety at a personal level.  Gulf South sees safety as a commitment to its associates and its community.

“Accidents happen, and the next accident may be right around the corner, but we will always stay committed to prevention,” said French.