Gulf South Trane Represented Products

As the leading HVAC systems sales and service firm in our area, Gulf South Trane can meet your cooling, dehumidification, and controls needs no matter how simple or complex they may be. Gulf South Trane represents a number of manufacturers of the highest quality HVAC equipment and controls available on the market today. Some products may not be represented in all areas. Please check with your local sales office for more information.

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Trane Gulf South

The world’s most efficient air cooled & water cooled chillers, custom & cataloged air handling units, packaged rooftops/split systems, terminal units, fan coils, WSHP’s, Rental Services, Variable Frequency Drives (factory and field mounted), Controls, Advantage – Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems and more

Addison provides cooling equipment for buildings and specializes in 100% dedicated outdoor air units

Modular Air Cooled & Water Cooled Chillers, Dedicated Heat Recovery Chillers, Medical Chillers, Magnetic Bearing Chillers

Ice Storage Tanks, Plate Heat Exchangers, Full and Partial Thermal Storage Systems

UL Listed Packaged Pumping Systems, Factory Testing, Optimized Efficiency, Packaged Enclosures

Computer room air conditioning systems for total temperature and humidity control

Compressors, Drives and powering mobile machinery. Gulf South reps the TR-200 VFDs

Energy-recycling dehumidifiers and pool dehumidification equipment

Ductless Split Systems, Chilled Water, PTAC, Single Package Vertical Units, Water Source Heat Pump Consoles

Custom Air Handling Units, Roof Top Packaged Units, Custom Coils

Air Cooled Chillers, Water Cooled Chillers, Split System Chillers and Explosion Proof Chillers

Air Cleaning System combining technologies to control particles, gases and biological contaminants

HVAC and roof system products including: Metal Building Roof Curbs, Conventional Roof Curbs, Curb Adapters, Equipment Supports and more

Internet-based automation and cyber security technology and edge-to- enterprise solutions

Custom HVAC Units, HVAC Coatings and HVAC Modifications

100% Outside Air Units – DX Split Systems and Packaged RTUs

Air-cooled water chillers, ductless split systems for commercial and residential air conditioning and heating needs

Humidity control solutions, specializing in low dewpoint applications

Cold plasma generator technology cleans air naturally

Energy recovery ventilation products

Acoustical and air quality control products designed for improving indoor environments

Custom roof curb manufacturer including: Roof Curbs, Insulated Roof Curbs and Vibration Isolation Curbs

High efficiency, modular cooling towers