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Trane Building Controls: What’s New This Spring

New products. Enhanced features. Added functionality.

Technology is never static and at Trane, our building controls are certainly no exception. They’re in a continuous state of development. We’ll make a few tweaks here. Add some new features there. Every step forward is a move toward a simplified user experience—and greater control over building efficiency.

It’s been a busy spring for controls developers at Trane. Here are a few highlights of the new controls features we released this spring…

Trane® Wireless Comm
A cost-effective and convenient alternative to our BACnet® MS/TP wired communication links, Wireless Comm eliminates wires between BACnet-based system controllers, unit controllers and zone sensors. The lack of wires reduces installed cost and brings greater flexibility to device placement for both new construction and retrofits.

Tracer™ SC
New user interface includes many new and improved features.
For example…

  • Productivity enhancements with improved support for mobile devices, browser compatibility and globalization

Tracer ES™ Express
New Windows® based solution features productivity improvements with…

  • Simplified installation and set-up within the Windows operating system
  • Turnkey packaged systems, including installed software, monitor, keyboard and      mouse

Tracer ES™
Custom reporting capabilities expanded to include a new scatterplot graph option for creating custom reports as well as other new custom reporting options…

Tracer™ BAS Operator Suite received a number of enhancements increasing your on-the-go productivity.

Expanded BACnet compliance
All new Tracer controls are now BTL compliant and certified.


At Trane, we’re always working on the next big thing in building efficiency.

Tracer ES


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